Street fighter scene
For a short video clip, We need to recreate the style of the 8-bit Street Fighter game. According to the plot, a tank comes out against a karate player.

Production time: 2 week
Duration of the video: <10 sec
Astect Ration: 3:4
Resolution: 300:400

Amount of work:
1. Loading Scene
2. Backround with loop animation
3. Tank animation
4. Karate Guy idle animation
5. Karate Guy face animation
6. User interface of the game

We plunge into the screen again - as a power bar appears... LOADING..
Revealing a third warped game-world is presented; an analogue of a Streetfighter smash-em-up, but now; TANK vs. Karate Guy..
The Karate fighter looks back to the camera confused - mid game - as WHAM!